Air Quality (Dust) Monitoring

MetOne ES-642 & DM30 Dustsens Dust Monitors for long or short term monitoring on construction sites

Machine Vibration Monitoring

Vibration analysis of all rotating machinery such as motors, gearboxes, pumps and fans

Thermal Imaging Services

Surveys on distribution boards, switchgear, control panels, motors & gearboxes

Demolition Vibration Monitoring

Party wall monitoring during demolition, piling and construction works

Building Vibration Monitoring

Accurately pinpoint and diagnose the source of vibration entering a building

Environmental Noise Monitoring

Class 1 Noise Monitors for long or short term monitoring on construction sites


Thermal Imaging surveys are vital when trying to detect temperature changes that could be a potential problem. Here at 'Vibration Monitoring Services Ltd' we have been undertaking thermal surveys for many years; and have the knowledge and experience to ensure accurate and successful results.

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Our thermal imaging surveys will help detect any potential faults, without the need to shutdown any machinery. Just some of the faults that can be detected with a thermal survey include; overloaded lighting circuits, overheated motors bearings, pumps, fans and motors. This averts fires and impending shutdowns that can be critical to commercial and manufacturing operations.

When it comes to thermal surveys, you can rest assured that with 'Vibration Monitoring Services Ltd' you are in good hands. Over time electrical components can begin to deteriorate, our thermal surveys help to monitor electrical systems to ensure any faults and potential repairs are detected early on. Using Fluke Cameras such as the Ti25 providing good quality imaging which can be used in a wide variety of applications and providing detailed reports.


Electrical and Mechanical Thermographic Surveys

We can offer an electrical and mechanical thermographic survey followed by an unbiased report of the condition of all installations checked: highlighting any immediate defects to the Maintenance Engineer so that vital repairs can be made to ensure optimum plant performance.

All thermographic surveys undertaken by Vibration Monitoring Services, are performed with Health & Safety in mind. We take great care to ensure a high quality work on every survey.

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