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At Vibration Monitoring Services we are able to offer a wide range of services to suit your requirements from Machinery Vibration Surveys to Noise Monitoring and Demolition, Construction and Piling Vibration Monitoring and more. With over 30 years experience in environmental vibration and noise monitoring in the heavy industry sector we can offer a range of options for your projects and can tailor the services to meet your requirements.

Vibration Monitoring Services is one of the latest group of successful companies to join leading edge schemes, designed to help industry improve its' safety record. We are accredited through the SAFEcontractor, Avetta and Construction Line schemes which recognise very high standards of Health and Safety practice amongst UK contractors.

Key Services:

  • Machine Vibration Surveys - Detecting faults within rotating machinery such as motors, gearboxes, chiller units and generators.
  • Demolition Vibration Monitoring - Ground vibration monitoring of a site adjacent to properties or sensitive structures during demolition works, working with contractors to prevent vibration levels reaching critical levels.
  • Piling Vibration Monitoring - Ground vibration monitoring of a site adjacent to properties, sensitive structures or underground gas mains, water and sewer pipes, working with contractors to ensure vibration levels meet specifications.
  • Building Vibration Monitoring - If your building is suffering from vibration and upsetting the occupants and you need to find out the cause, we can carry out a survey to detect the cause.
  • Hand Arm & Whole Body Vibration Surveys - If you need to determine whether your staff are at risk of vibration related injuries during the daily use of machinery, we can carry out a survey using the most up to date equipment and make recommendations on the use of the equipment to minimize injuries.
  • Thermal Imaging Surveys - Surveys of distribution boards, switchgear, control panels, motors and gearboxes to determine faults and potential repairs early on using Fluke Cameras which provide quality imaging.
  • Environmental Noise Monitoring Surveys - Using the most up to date Class 1 noise monitors we can monitor the noise levels on your demolition / piling project and let your managers know when the levels reach critical levels.


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