Air Quality (Dust) Monitoring

MetOne ES-642 & DM30 Dustsens Dust Monitors for long or short term monitoring on construction sites

Machine Vibration Monitoring

All rotating machinery such as motors, gearboxes, pumps and fans

Thermal Imaging Services

Surveys on distribution boards, switchgear, control panels, motors & gearboxes

Demolition Vibration Monitoring

Party wall monitoring during demolition, piling and construction works

Building Vibration Monitoring

Accurately pinpoint and diagnose the source of vibration entering a building

Environmental Noise Monitoring

Class 1 Noise Monitors for long or short term monitoring on construction sites

Risborough Street Project

Risborough Street - Project Complete

It's been a pleasure working alongside our valued customer Ri Works Ltd, providing noise, dust and vibration monitoring at 17-21 Risborough Street, London on their long term project.

The three storey building was dismantled down to the concrete slab, the slab was then removed and piles installed ready for the re-construction of a much larger building. It was during this phase of the works that we provided noise, dust and vibration monitoring which complied with BS5228 and planning requirements, these play a key role in achieving compliance, ensuring levels are monitored to minimise environmental impacts and protect neighboring properties.

During the monitoring we liaised with the Site Manager via our dedicated Project Manager and were able to keep them informed of noise, dust and vibration levels throughout each phase including alerts when trigger levels were exceeded. Weekly reports also gave Ri Works Ltd an insights as to how the monitoring was progressing together with on-line real time access to the system to check results at any time.

Works Carried Out: June 2022 to July 2023


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