Air Quality (Dust) Monitoring

MetOne ES-642 & DM30 Dustsens Dust Monitors for long or short term monitoring on construction sites

Machine Vibration Monitoring

All rotating machinery such as motors, gearboxes, pumps and fans

Thermal Imaging Services

Surveys on distribution boards, switchgear, control panels, motors & gearboxes

Demolition Vibration Monitoring

Party wall monitoring during demolition, piling and construction works

Building Vibration Monitoring

Accurately pinpoint and diagnose the source of vibration entering a building

Environmental Noise Monitoring

Class 1 Noise Monitors for long or short term monitoring on construction sites

Dangerous Broom!

Ever wondered how dangerous a broom is?

A standard broom can be one of the most dangerous items you might find on a construction site, aside from the cartoon image of standing on the end and the handle hitting you in the face, the humble broom can cause a massive spike in reducing air quality around both the user and anyone close by.

This example was a quick brush of a standard garage floor within a metre of a monitor, the spike in both PM10 and PM2.5 is quick and potentially deadly, if your job is sweeping up.


It should also be noted it takes a long time to resettle back to a normal reading, however, this will depend on the air flow in the area the broom was used.

For more information check out the HSE page on Dry Sweeping

For more information on protecting your workforce, nearby residents and businesses to your project, give us a call to discuss our Air Quality Monitoring options on 0208 108 0440.

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